Our History

Productos Blanco company, had its beginning in the year 1960, when Maximino Cebrián came to Asturias from Albacete and started to work in the kitchen of his house making sweets and cookies.

By the year 1965, he established himself in a 50 m2 rented shop, at Tejera Street in Gijón, with a kneader and a beater of occasion. At that street, he was increasing the bussiness, buying other shops and new machinery. Soon after, the manufacturing and the commercial activity went away separating, for the selling as their own products like another ones buyed to other producers.

In 1970 his son, Maximino Blanco Rodríguez, is gotten up totally to the bussiness, and later his son-in-law Antonio Romarís García will do the same.

In 1981, the factory was moved and the comercial went to a 850 m2 warehouse at Roces Polygon. In 1982, the company happens to denominate itself Productos Blanco, S.L., continuing with the politics of improving installations and machinery. In 1988 a warehouse was buyed near the factory and the direction decided to the commercial right there, forming then the society Blanco Distribuciones, S.L. which target is to distribute in Asturias the variety of products manufactured in Productos Blanco, and the distribution in exclusive right of other national companies of pastry shop.

At the moment the direction of the company composes D. Maximino Blanco Rodriguez like Manager and D. Antonio Romarís García like Commercial Director

In the Tejera street, alfajores and pastes were made, beginning the manufacture of puff pastry, sponge cakes and later palms and magdalenas, according to the factory was extending the machinery arriving itself to reach the production of 800 to 1000 kg daily, according to products.

Installed in the Polygon of Roces, the product range increase and the company focused to stores, supermarkets, chains, great surfaces and hostelry in the national and European market.

In 1997, the company undertakes a strong investment in new facilities and machinery with the intention of increasing the production, improving the quality and presentation of products, the competitiveness of the company in the national market and to position themselves suitably in the international market, all supported it with the participation in the great fairs of the sector, case of Anuga in Colony, Sial in Paris and Alimentaria in Barcelona.

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